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Updated 08/06/2017
3 Things Successful Presenters Do Before Every Delivery
   Whether it is a large room or a small room filled
   with big people, you will be judged on your ability
   to communicate successfully to others.
   Guidance and planning can transform a dull event
   into something people learn forward to hear more.
   This is about connecting with your audience. 

   3 Things Successful Presenters Do Before Every Delivery  |  PresentationBlogger.com, Dave Mac
   Well, that went badly. Hands full, Scott kicked the office door closed with his foot.
The mouse clattered to the ground, followed by the coffee cup that had been balancing
   atop his laptop. 
Scott’s day was going from bad to worse. He put the laptop on the desk
   and bent to clean up the mess. 
As he mopped cold coffee from the side of the mouse he
   thought back to his “performance.” 
What had gone wrong?

   8 Essential Steps for
   Hours later Stella would reflect on this moment. She would wonder what led to the
   executives dismissing her idea. An idea designed to put more money in their pockets.
   An idea that could only benefit them.
   Right now, Stella Pelik was nervous.
   No matter how she tried to calm her nerves, the panic wouldn’t go away.
   Breathing fast… Paper bag clasped close just in case.
   Positive self-talk seemed to make the bad feelings worse.
   It was overwhelming.
   Today was make or break!

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