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Updated 08/13/2017

    A good Resume is one of your strongest
    Communications and Marketing Tools.

   This is a reminder of this and that it needs
   to be adopted for each job.

    See 103 Sell Your Product for the section Create Resumes

    5 key phrases your résumé is probably missing  |  Business Insider, Aine Cain                          08/11/2017
    When it comes to résumés, there aren't any magic words that will automatically catch a
    hiring manager's eye.
    Your résumé must be strong as a whole if you want to impress recruiters, who typically
    only take
six seconds to decide whether or not to toss your application.

    11 résumé mistakes that make hiring managers dismiss you immediately
       |  Business Insider, Rachel Gillett                                                                                                                                             08/16/2017
    · Acing your résumé is the first step to moving forward in the hiring process.
· Many recruiters will spend mere seconds on your résumé to decide initial fit.
· Easy mistakes like terrible formatting and incorrect grammar can instantly land you in the
       'no' pile.

    Recruiters are judgmental sharp shooters who only need about 25 seconds to decide if they
    like a job candidate or not. Then there are the personal pronouns, missing keywords, too
    much text, too many bullets and yes, giving away information triggering Ageism, poor choise
    of fonts, present tense for past jobs, inconsistent formatting, spelling and grammar mistakes,
    and the effort unpopular less-than-professional e-mail address.

    Ask a Resume Writer:
    Getting turned down for a job because you’re “overqualified” is the career equivalent
    of getting dumped using the “it’s not you, it’s me” excuse. You’re so enormously
    experienced, of such tremendous value to any company, that we simply cannot bear
    to take you on at this time! 

    So, is this total hogwash? Isn’t more qualifications always a good thing?