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107 Marketability

Updated 07/18/2017
   "Marketability" is the ability of a commodity to be
   sold or marketed. You are one of the hundreds in
   the marketplace seeking to sell your capabilities.
   YOUR TASK is to transform yourself from a "jar of
   generic jelly" into something very unique using 
   your differentiation versus the rest of the market
   to standout and above the hundreds of others

    15 Ways To Make Yourself More Marketable  |  Forbes, Liz Ryan                                                   05/26/2017
    See article for specifics behind each of these 15 items.
          1.  Brand yourself on LinkedIn
          2.  Write your Human-Voiced Resume
          3.  Write a blog post for LinkedIn
          4.  Browse LinkedIn looking for people similar to the job you want
          5.  Get a new LinkedIn profile photo
          6.  Collect new LinkedIn recommendations
          7.  Join a professional society
          8.  Get business cards of your own
          9.  Research salaries in your area of expertise
        10.  Create portfolio of your most important work
        11.  Update your LinkedIn profile with "Dragon Slaying Stories"
        12.  Read industry publications and blogs
        13.  Create a list of Target Employers
        14.  Go to every networking event you can
        15.  Start taking care of yourself
     Liz has included a number of links with her article that may bring added value to you.