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Updated 05/27/2017

  Whether you sell lemonade in front of your house or are
  involved for support or actively handle the overnight
  movement of goods from nearly anywhere in the world
  to nearly anywhere in the world in two nights ...

you are in engaged in business.

  Current subsections of this broad topics include (with more to come):
  • Attire

  • Business Attire
    Whether your networking, going for an informal or formal interview or showing up for work the old saying is true ... "clothes make the person" by setting an appropriate image to project confidence and professionalism.

  • Business Travel
    Some of us may never travel for business beyond local driving.  Some have earned enough Frequent Flyer miles to have purchased an aircraft. This section will share some tips and tricks to help you navigate airline rules and policies, airport features and hassles, plus secrets of travel whether by air, plan or another mode of transport. 

  • TSA Real ID
    In the effort to accurately confirm the identity of fliers, in 2003 the TSA created the Real ID Program that was passed by Congress in 2005. The full force goes into effect in 2020 with core enforcement in 2018.  This section will provide insight into what is required, what your State must do and what the TSA will be doing to help ensure safe air travel.  The good news: there is no real inconvenience or hassle.

  • Workplace Tips
    There are so many little things that can make or break your relationship with a co-worker, kill a relationship within the office or get you into the "hot seat" for doing something wrong.  This and many other topics we hope to offer articles to help you down your career path and avoid the "mud puddles", landmines and "steep cliffs" along the way.