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Your Network

Updated 07/18/2017
   Great people did great things because they got started.
   Did Christopher Columbus Google to find North America?
   You will have to get engaged to build your network but it
   can easily extend beyond your city of country finding the
   people who know people you need to know. Yes, it will be
   a time consuming effort but recognize the wealth this list
   can bring to you in your job search and future endeavors. 
  Knowledge is power and that starts with who do you know
            followed closely by who CAN you get to know.

Pools of potential contacts or people who have pools of potential contacts:

-  Houses of Workship
-  Lawyers
-  Accountants
-  Investment Brokers/Agents
-  Bankers
-  Postal Carrier
-  Kid's Parents
-  PTA at Kid's school
-  High School friends
-  College friends
-  Social Organizations
-  Charitable Organizations
-  Club Friends
-  LinkedIn Groups in your area
-  LinkedIn Groups for your profession
-  Contacts from Prior Employers
-  Friends and Family and their networks