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Job Search Videos

Updated 10/01/2016

Additional Job Search videos can be found under TED Videos.

  • Secrets & Strategies for Success in an Uncertain World
    by Martin Yate (approximately 31 minutes: About 15 minutes presentation, 15 minutes Questions & Answers)
This section with a presentation by Martin Yate, author of the highly acclaimed "Knock 'em Dead" books; is a good read available at your local book store or library.  This highlights what we present in meeting of The CT Groups.  If you have never attended one meeting of The CT Groups or just came a few times this is a "walk-up call" for people in a career transition.

In this free video Martin shares his 3 key tips for those in a job search. Whether you are new to job search or have been through this many times, this presentation is a must view as it condenses into a high level overview what we have been promoting in The CT Groups meetings.

Take what Martin discusses to heart. Make it part of your focus, your plan, and your activity. There is no rule you have to go through a job search alone yet most people try and most fail. There are very strong similarities between a job search and a football game.
  • Both are a physical contact activity requiring organization, planning, strategy, and a winning attitude. E-mails, Internet submissions, faxes and letters do not equal "eye-to-eye time"
  • A football game can go into overtime and a job search can seem to go on for ever. The person who plays the game best can take and hold an overwhelming lead to demoralize any competitor or get a hiring manager to declare an early winner and end the competition.

  • Would you think for one second you could, in your wildest dreams, win The Super Bowl without a team or support organization against potentially thousands of competitors with their teams supporting them? Imagine yourself on a football field against any major college or NFL team? Will you survive to the First Down after the First Quarter's Kick-off?

  • You are allowed time outs, to consult with your coach (or the entire coaching staff),

  • In the end, the winner scored more points than their competitors.

  • How to Navigate Networking Events
    A fun video using Star Wars Lego figures to help you during your networking opportunities.
Have a few laughs and learn some important techniques.  Networking is a big key to finding more jobs as companies seek to control recruitment costs and be even more selective.  Networking, when done right, helps you understand the real needs for a position and highlight your strengths towards those needs versus taking a "hit and miss" at what they are really focused on.  Some companies admit their Job Descriptions are not reflective of the position but a composition of prior positions, regulatory changes and decisions made by those who are not the hiring manager.  If you do not know what their target is, how can you hope to hit it?  Networking can get you those answers.

This unique video helps you understand what groups at a networking event are closed to others approaching them and those that are open to others joining them.  Learn the clues and work the room!

The link is from The Lipscomb & Pitts Breakfast Club newsletter.

  • What To Do With Your Hands During a Job Interview (1:47)
    In the TOP 7 Important things to do during an interview!
    You should keep your feet in your shoes!

  • Employer Silence from Online Application Sites (0:30)
    So you're not hearing back from those online job posting opportunities?  Learn why in 30 seconds!