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Leadership Videos

Updated 03/01/2017

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   For those who were leaders in their last role, the
   interruption in their career skills from a long career
   transition can make an impact.  This section is
   presented as a variety of resources to refresh or expand
   on training previously received to keep fresh the valued
   skills of a good leader.
  • Dale Carnegie's Secrets of Success: 93 Focused Videos in Play List
    There are 90 FREE Videos to help you better deal with others in the Secrets of Success series
    Two are deleted and one is Private. These short videos, taken one or two a day with time to reflect
    on the material, can make you better for interviews, seeking assistance, dealing with co-workers,
    members of your own family, etc.


  • If you Lose Sight, You Lose the Flight (7:11)
    Carey Lohrenz uses her experience as a Navy Pilot in the world of business in building high performance teams and leadership skills.  Her military training underscores the need to act
    even if on incomplete or impartial knowledge or information.  This is an Inc.Video

  • Simple Truths
     - Great Quotes from Great Leaders
    Sometimes, the right words used at exactly the right time can turn the switch from
          ‘off’ to ‘on.’ Find those words here…

     -  212 Degree Leadership (1:52)
    Great leaders know that companies don’t succeed, people do. Take your leadership
          skills from good to great with the extra degree!

     -  Wisdom from Wolfes (Leadership from Nature) (3:42)
           Using lessons learned from wolves, learn how to better coexist with others.
           We call them Leadership Lessons from Nature.

     -  You Can't Send a Duck to Eagle School (3:09)
           If you’re going to climb a tree, would you rather hire a squirrel or train a horse?
           Enjoy these clever and insightful lessons.

     -  The Essence of Leadership (2:42)
           What are the keys to being a great leader? Mac Anderson shares what he has learned
           from his 30 years as a successful entrepreneur.

     -  Rock Solid Leadership (3:09)
           Leaders are not born, they are made. Discover how ordinary people with extraordinary
           determinations go on to become great leaders.

  • The Solderquist Center
    Mission: Equipping People with the transforming power of ethical leadership
A number of their offerings are fee based while some are available free and on-line including a variety of videos.  Videos, along with other items of potential interest can be found at their web site under Resources.