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Updated 08/25/2017

    Why You Need A Mentor And How To Get One  |  Forbes, Annabel Acton                                    07/25/2017
    The importance of mentors cannot be overstated. A good mentor inspires you,
    stretches you, connects you, develops your EQ, opens your mind and most
    importantly, doesn’t judge. They provide a safe space to learn, experiment and ask
    questions, no matter how seemingly stupid. In the corporate world, mentoring boosts
    employee engagement and retention, as well as knowledge retention. And in the
    startup world, mentorship makes early stage companies stick around longer (on
    average, an extra 2 years) and helps make them more successful. In short, Mentorship
    is a way to soak up the wisdom of those who have gone before you, in a way that sticks.
    Often in the startup world, it can feel like you’re alone, making mentors more important
    than ever. Here are some ways to think about approaching a mentor and what to ask for.