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Self Help Videos

Updated: 12/17/2016

This section will be videos for use in Career Transition or in your next job to leverage these new trending discoveries, ideas, of theories to improve you personal and potentially help your career and life!

Like they say ... what's your downside on this?

         7 Ways Sleep Affects The Brain (1:01) 
         Created as a slide presentation with some nice background music.
         Sleep is highly UNDER RATED so watch, learn, benefit.  It's only 61 seconds!
         -  Memory problems
         -  Concerns about Alzheimer's
         -  Negative impacts in thinking straight
         -  Lack of creativity
         -  Concern over possible depression
         -  Physiological problems like heart issues and obesity
         -  For children: possible impact to brain development

Amy Cuddy, Professor at Harvard Business School, is featured in this short information video you want to watch as can make a difference in a interview or other important meeting.  She also talks about the position we have when talking on the phone.  Great ideas that are simple to begin doing.

Amy Cuddy describes how you can change your mood by changing your posture.
WHY?  Use this secret for Interviews, Meetings, etc.  Look happier, feel better, be better!

The Best Way to Sit at Your Desk at Work - Cornell Ergonomics Professor (2:13)
Note:  The CT Groups does not realize any revenue or benefit from the commercials displayed.
Any action you take based on these commercials is strictly that of your personal decision.

Importance of Achievement and Fulfillment - Tony Robbins 
(1:49) [LANGUAGE]