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Updated 08/04/2017
  1. 1.
    an occupation undertaken for a significant period of a person's life and with opportunities for progress.
    synonyms:professionoccupationjobvocationcallingemploymentline, line of work, walk of life, métier
    "a business career"
  1. 1.
    move swiftly and in an uncontrolled way in a specified direction.
    "the car careered across the road and went through a hedge"

How to get back to work after a career break (12:01)
If you've taken a career break and are now looking to return to the workforce,
would you consider taking an internship? 
Career reentry expert
Carol Fishman Cohen thinks you should. In this talk, hear about Cohen's own
experience returning to work after a career break, her work championing the
success of "relaunchers" and how employers are changing how they engage
with return-to-work talent.

The Career Advice You Probably Didn't Get (13:57)
You’re doing everything right at work, taking all the right advice, but you’re
just not moving up.  Why? 
 Susan Colantuono shares a simple, surprising
piece of advice you might not have heard before quite so plainly.  This talk,
while aimed at an audience of women, has universal takeaways — for men
and women, new grads and mid-career workers.

The Power of Time Off (17:40)
Every seven years, designer Stefan Sagmeister closes his New York studio for
a yearlong sabbatical to rejuvenate and refresh their creative outlook. He explains
the often overlooked value of time off and shows the innovative projects inspired
by his time in Bali.

Why Some of Us Don't Have One True Calling (12:26)
What do you want to be when you grow up? Well, if you're not sure you want
to do just one thing for the rest of your life, you're not alone. In this illuminating
talk, writer and artist Emilie Wapnick describes the kind of people she calls
"multipotentialites" — who have a range of interests and jobs over one lifetime.
Are you one?  Emilie Wapnick presents.

Why You Should Know now much Your Coworkers Get Paid? (7:29)                      09/20/2016
How much do you get paid?  How does it compare to the people you work with?
You should know, and so should they, says 
management researcher David Burkus.
In this talk, Burkus questions our cultural assumptions around keeping salaries
secret and makes a compelling case for why sharing them could benefit employees,
organizations and society.