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Updated 08/04/2017
verb: change; 3rd person present: changes; past tense: changed; past participle: changed; gerund or present participle: changing
  1. 1.
    make or become different.
    "a proposal to change the law"
    • make or become a different substance entirely; transform.
      "filters change the ammonia into nitrate"
    • alter in terms of.
      "the ferns began to change shape"
      synonyms:alter, make/become different, adjustadaptamendmodifyreviserefineMore
      antonyms:preserve, stay the same
    • (of traffic lights) move from one color of signal to another.
    • (of the moon) arrive at a fresh phase; become new.
  2. 2.
    take or use another instead of.
    "she decided to change her name"
    • move from one to another.
      "she changed jobs incessantly"
      "they've changed places"
    • move to a different train, airplane, or subway line.
    • give up (something) in exchange for something else.
      "we changed the shades for vertical blinds"
    • remove (something dirty or faulty) and replace it with another of the same kind.
      "change a light bulb"
    • put a clean diaper on (a baby or young child).
    • engage a different gear in a motor vehicle.
      "wait for a gap and then change gears"
    • exchange (a sum of money) for the same amount in smaller denominations or in coins, or for different currency.
    • put different clothes on.
      "he changed for dinner"
noun: change; plural noun: changes; noun: Change; plural noun: Changes
  1. 1.
    the act or instance of making or becoming different.
    "the change from a nomadic to an agricultural society"
    • the substitution of one thing for another.
      "a change of venue"
      "a change of government"
    • an alteration or modification.
      "a change came over Eddie's face"
    • a new or refreshingly different experience.
      "couscous makes an interesting change from rice"
    • a clean garment or garments as a replacement for clothes one is wearing.
      "a change of socks"
    • informal
      noun: the change
    • the moon's arrival at a fresh phase, typically at the new moon.
      another term for change-up.
  2. 2.
    coins as opposed to paper currency.
    "a handful of loose change"
    synonyms:coins, loose/small change, silverMore
    • money given in exchange for the same amount in larger denominations.
    • money returned to someone as the balance of the amount paid for something.
      "I watched him pocket the change"
  3. 3.
    an order in which a peal of bells can be rung.
  4. 4.
    a place where merchants met to do business.

5 Ways to Lead in an Era of Consistent Change (13:21)                                                       10/13/2016
Who says change needs to be hard? Organizational change expert Jim Hemerling thinks adapting your business in today's constantly-evolving world can be invigorating instead of exhausting. He outlines five imperatives, centered around putting people first, for turning company reorganization into an empowering, energizing task for all.

How to Tie Your Shoes (2:59)                                                                                         09/13/2016
Terry Moore found out he'd been tying his shoes the wrong way his whole life. In the spirit of TED, he takes the stage to share a better way. (Historical note: This was the very first 3-minute audience talk given from the TED stage, in 2005.)

The Tribes We Lead (17:29)                                                                                                                          09/09/2016
Seth Godin argues the Internet has ended mass marketing and revived a human social unit from the distant past: tribes. Founded on shared ideas and values, tribes give ordinary people the power to lead and make big change.  He urges us to do so.