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Public Speaking

Updated 08/04/2017
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   Four in a conference room or hundreds in
   a Convention Center the way to speak like
   a professional is all the same.  Invest some
   time in learning from the nine video shows
   below to learn from the Masters, plus you
   can do it in your home wearing anything.
 You may surprise and amaze people!  

     TED's Public Speaking Package
A 2 hour collection of 9 TED Videos packaged to help you with public speaking which can include Interviews.  Whether in the public, small setting or private sessions, strong verbal communication skills will set you apart from the herd.

6 Speaking Tips for Scientists and Engineers (Text)

TED's Secret to Great Public Speaking (7:55)

How to Speak so that People Want to Listen (9:58)

Your Body Language Shapes Who You Are (21:02) 

How I Beat Stage Fright (7:59)

Talk Nerdy To Me (12:58)

How Great Leaders Inspire Action (17:57)

Lies, Damned Lies and Statistics (about TEDTalks) (12:58)

Why I live in Mortal Dread of Public Speaking (12:50)