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    Are You Sabotaging Your Career by
    Being Perceived as a Doer and Not a Leader?  |  CBCommunity, Darleen Ghiardi                          10/28/2016
     Do you have all the right credentials? Are you competent in your skillset and talents, yet
     going nowhere in your career? Which of the following attributes apply to you?
       -  You have a college degree. 
       -  You have years of experience with a proven track record.
       -  You are known as the “go-to” person when a deadline is moved up.

     In addition, you consider yourself a “lone ranger” and are often handed work that others
     prefer not to do, as your boss knows that at the end of the day, you will get it done. You
     can be counted on to come through during a pinch and often are the first one at the office
     and the last one to leave. You are dedicated and loyal, yet going nowhere fast in your career.
     You are a slave to your job. You are continually passed up for promotion after promotion
     and don’t know why. You are perceived as a doer.