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Updated 08/05/2017


      11 Things You Can Do to Make Yourself Smarter Every Day [Video]
          |  Inc. Video (1:34), Guadalupe Gonzales                                                                                                                             07/03/2017 
      Picking up a few simple habits can give your brain a huge boost.


       Change and Transformation—Know the Difference  |  LinkedIn, Daniel Burras                    08/05/2017
       Think back to when your family bought its first television set. If you’re a Baby Boomer,
       you may have had only a handful of channels from which to choose—not to mention
       the headache of adjusting the antenna, putting aluminum foil on the rabbit ears, and
       let’s not forget getting out of your chair to change the channel.
       Then came cable and satellite television—more viewing choices and goodbye rabbit ears!