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150 Self Retooling

Updated 00/00/2017
    If you think the world isn't changing,
              don't hold your breath.

   Change is part of life and that drives change in how
   we envision "new", materials available to us, what is
   available that was not 6 years ago, and what skills
   are needed for people to drive the visions to build
   new offerings by empowered employees to build
   new markets, expand others and generate rewards.

     Or you can sit back and wonder what happened
             as everything around you transitions.

   At no other time in history are so many changes taking place in business, what skills people must
   acquire and master, how we think and plan, how we think what could be possible, how we can bring
   greater value to others in reshaping tomorrow's world today.  Ya gots ta get skooled for that stuff.

   Under this tab you will find FREE Education and Training offered by many of recognized schools of
   higher learning. Some will be good foundation material. Some will be advanced programs that may
   really cause some thumpin' inside your head. But the idea is to open your mind and heart to new
   ideas and ways that will impact how we all achieve things and expand horizons on what is possible.

   And you can do this from your home computer, wearing whatever and drinking whatever if you like
   and do it at night, week-ends, holidays, or when you don't want to go somewhere everyone else is
   wanting to go.