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Updated 00/00/2017

  Being in Technology is another way of
  declaring you are a "Perpetual Student"
, as
  technology transforms the world in many
  different areas and ways. After all, who of
  us would have believed in 2015 a printer
  could physically build a house or building?

  Technology is also changing technology as
  new capabilities are realized allowing for a
  transformation of business and how we act
  with other people. Look at the impact of a
  simple cell phone in our world today.

  Technology also requires people to see one item not listed in the illustration above ...
  the ability to see alternate uses of technology to create something never envisioned.
  This may be another area of technology or a new way of conducting business with
  others. Look at the battle between the "Big Box Stores" and "On-Line Stores" to have
  a full offering of goods and services available "on the shelf" or "in a box" coming to 
  your listed delivery address. Services, like Plumbers, Electricians, Lawn Care, Bug
  Control and others will be offered on-line in the near future ... as it is inevitable.

  Building a good foundation for multiple associated technologies can help you visualize
  the opportunities possible over the next few years and immediate potentials many
  companies could shrink costs if they could realize where costs are unmanaged.

  The challenge with technical skills is multi-faceted:
      a)  technology keeps changing and so do opportunities and needs
      b)  technology requires a good understanding requiring time to know well
      c)  tactile learners can be strong technology workers because they learn by trial
      d)  technology is not something all will quickly comprehend or care for
      e)  if everyone was great in technology everyone would Bill Gates
           (and a lot of people believed they would be the next Bill Gates but fell quickly on their face due to their learning curve)