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Social Media


    Safe Rule #1:  Whatever goes into the Internet stays on the Internet ...
                          even if you could obtain a Court Order for removal.

    Safe Rule #2:  What you control that resides on the Internet are things you yourself
                          put there or influence others to place on your behalf. See Safe Rule #1.

    Safe Rule #3:  Never act in haste or from emotions of any type as most people will
                          regret it. Write out what you want to say, review it, and rethink it to
                          avoid the negative impacts of Safe Rule #2 and Safe Rule #1.

    Safe Rule #4:  Refrain from engaging in heated exchanges. You will be viciously
                          attacked by one or all sides of an issue. If you must participate, take
                          the role of the responsible adult and be prepared to be attacked.
                          Sometimes no one wants rational debate, just a bloody beat-down
                          where all leave bruised, frustrated and looking like a jerk to outsiders.

    Safe Rule #5:  Employers can easily review content to obtain a different perspective
                          of potential employees. You become a "defacto" representative for your
                          employer. Acting like a self-centered child is not enduring to anyone.