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FREE Training

Updated 10/01/2016

The cost of taking ONE
class at MIT, if you COULD
meet the admissions
requirements are staggering.
 Or you can pull up a PC and
 take the class for FREE!

 OK, maybe MIT is not you.
 Other FREE courses are
 offered from well-respected  colleges around the world if  
you Click Here.
 You know it's all FREE?

For those who don't know MIT's standards:  A perfect score for either of the two sections is required. A number of applicants have the perfect score for both.  All incoming Freshmen classes are full.

In a time of rising expectations for new or special skills and rising education costs 
something that is quality and free is very rare.

See the Subpages below for major sections in programs offered.  These are not necessarily on-demand or regularly scheduled activities or classes but it will help show an interest in expanding your skills and knowledge which is a desired characteristic for most employers.  Free Internet training quality will vary greatly. 

These programs are from established highly recognized providers.

Click either of the Subpages listed below!