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Microsoft Excel

     Microsoft Excel is a spreadsheet package which has been enhanced since Lotus 1-2-3 and Multiplan
     existed before Excel was released back in the 1990's.  Excel has expanded to include many good tools
     and functions to provide advanced capabilities - beyond what most users will ever put into use.
     There is free training on YouTube for Excel ... but make sure you are looking at a video at the same
     software release you will be using. Otherwise you are going to become confused and frustrated quickly.

     6 things you should absolutely know how to do in Excel  |  GoSkills, Kat Boogarrd         07/05/2017 
     When it comes to Excel, there isn’t much middle ground.
     You have people who absolutely love it and will sing the praises of spreadsheets all day. And,
     then you have the people who absolutely detest it. They’d rather lock themselves in a phone
     booth full of mosquitos than have to go cross-eyed looking at all of those columns and rows.
     Segments of this article include details on:
         1.  Sort Data
         2.  Remove Duplicates
         3.  Basic Math Functions
         4.  4 Freeze Panes (VERY useful for larger spreadsheets - long or wide!)
         5.  Insert Current Date (automatically)
         6.  Make the Same Change Across Worksheets
     Excel has "tabs" that may contain supporting spreadsheets or independant ones allowing you to keep
     all data for a project or other undertaking in one physical Excel document.