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     8 BAD Mistakes That Make Good Employees Leave
        |  LinkedIn, Dr. Travis Bradberry                                                                                                                                             01/27/2016
     It’s tough to hold on to good employees, but it shouldn’t be. Most of the mistakes that
     companies make are easily avoided. When you do make mistakes, your best employees
     are the first to go, because they have the most options.
     If you can’t keep your best employees engaged, you can’t keep your best employees.
     While this should be common sense, it isn’t common enough. A survey by CEB found
     that one-third of star employees feel disengaged from their employer and are already
     looking for a new job.


     8 Best Leadership Lessons From 'The Game Of Thrones'  |  Forbes, Frances Bridges         07/13/2017
     In some respects, Westeros is nothing like the real world: there are no dragons, no white
     walkers, no faceless people, wargs and political rivals are mysteriously murdered far less
     frequently. In Westeros there are no cell phones or cable television where in the real world,
     people watch the most popular and successful show on HBO, The Game of Thrones. 
It's the
     relationships: the familial loyalty, love, secrets, betrayal, revenge, friendship, camaraderie
     and politics that transcend the fantasy. The game of thrones in Westeros is much bloodier
     than the real world, where corporate competition lies mainly in outmaneuvering opponents
     for promotions, discrediting their input and decreasing their influence. The competition is
     just as ruthless, if not as deadly. And just like in Westeros, attaining power is hard, but
     maintaining power is twice as hard, and different characters take vastly different approaches.

     8 Reasons why you should
     always say 'good morning' to your coworkers |  Wealth-X, Lindsay Dodgson                             05/01/2017
     Whether you're a morning person or not, there seems to be a universal reluctance to greet
     people first thing. It's very unlikely you meet a person who enjoys saying hello to each one
     of their coworkers with a smile every morning without fail.
     If you do know this person, you probably think they're weird.

    Want to Become a Great Leader?
    Act Like a Student, Not an Expert [Video 1:22] |  Inc., Simone Sinek                                                      07/17/2017
     Simon Sinek, bestselling author of Start With Why, explains that leadership isn't a rank
     you achieve. It's a skill you need to practice your entire life.


      38 of The Most Inspirational Leadership Quotes Ever
           |  HuffintonPost.com, Dr Travis Bradberry                                                                                                                            07/05/2017

   SIGNS OF ... 

       6 Things Mentally Strong People Do  |  Renee Litner, Talent Acquisition Manager
           1.  They move on. They don't waste time feeling sorry for themselves.
           2.  They embrace change.  They welcome challenges.
           3.  They stay happy.  They don't waste energy on things they can't control.
           4.  They are kind, fair and unafraid to speak up.
           5.  They are willing to take calculated risks.
           6.  They celebrate other people's success.  They don't resent that success.

     7 Signs of an Awesome Employee  |  HRProfessionalMagazine, Harvey Deutschendorf
      “When people are financially invested, they want a return.
       When people are emotionally invested, they want to contribute.”        ~ Simon Sinek ~
      Most employers, when asked what they look for in a potential new hire, will bring up
      attitude. Many will rate attitude as important, if not more so than ability, work
skills and
      technical knowledge.  While the actual skills needed to perform a job can usually be
      taught the soft skills, attitude and emotional intelligence are more nebulous and difficult
      to change.  As they become more aware of the importance of these crucial people skills,
      employers today are increasingly on the lookout for candidates that have the right attitude
      and people skills first and are trainable for the other skills second.
      Here are some of the top 7 traits that define what makes an employee stand out.