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Computer Security


   Rule #1 : If you do nothing you will have problems. Action is not optional.

   Rule #2 : Language, Nationality, Religion, Academics or Geographic location have nothing to do with.
                 The "Bad Guys" are potentially anywhere are are not by any indication a "males only" club.

   Rule #3 : Many of the protections that are effective are using common sense and leveraging automatic
                  updates for your critical software : firewall, antivirus, malware, operating system, etc.

   Rule #4 : If you don't understand all the items in Rule #3 you need to learn what these are and ensure
                  you have these on your computer whether a Windows, Mac or other Operating System.

   Rule #5 : Never automatically accept or click on anything. The "Bad Guys" have hacked into websites
                    - that are operational but not in use yet leaving a "trusted perception" of being safe
                    - that are legitimate companies with lacking security where the "Bad Guys" create a website
                       within a website, thus trading on a respected name to cause you pain

   Rule #6 : Never click on anything that has a website name you do not recognize or contains a long list
                  of letters and numbers between forward slashes - avoid these links at all cost

   Rule #7 : Anything on a web page or an e-mail can contain a link. Even the "Unsubscibe" links can be
                  set to bring pain to your computer while you think you're really going to be unsubscribed.


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