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Hacked Sites


   Always examine URLs in e-mail you
   receive without your request. Any site
   can be attacked from the small site
   that hasn't developed any content to
   large internationally known retail
   stores to large corporations.

   Hacking is not difficult if the people who
   are responsible for security fall short on
   their responsibilities to maintain security.

    The following URLs were found in e-mails that suggested an attack. Clues included the one URL
    was used repeatedly within the e-mail including photographs, links to accept offers, the link to
    unsubscribe, links for Customer Service, etc.

    http://static-ip-69-64-51-161.inaddr.ip-pool.com/   CBD Clinical Trials                     07/04/2017

    http://tzkyoutw.co.uk/                ADT Auth DLR SafeStreet promotion                           07/04/2017
    http://tzkyoutw.co.uk/                The Easy Loan Site, Barbara Corcoran shown              07/05/2017
    http://tzkyoutw.co.uk/                Walk-In Tub promotion                                              07/04/2017
    http://tzkyoutw.co.uk/                Walk-In Tub promotion                                              07/05/2017

    http://xylin.bridorksha.org.uk/   Degree programs Financial Aid                                   07/04/2017