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170 Short Term Job

Updated 08/28/2017

   We all gotta eat and survival is always Rule #1.
   So should you take a short-term gig to put some
   cash into the bank or hold out for big dream of a
   full-time job with benefits to meet your needs?

   Or taking another job after just starting one?
   We'll show the trade-offs of Gigs versus Jobs and
   of the potential for some Gigs to become that job.

   When A Short Stint On The Job Hurts Your Career -- And When It Doesn't
     |  Forbes, Caroline Ceniza-Levine                                                                                                                                              08/07/2017
   Picture this: you get an unexpected call from a recruiter for a very interesting job that you
   would normally jump at. However, you have been at your current job for just over a year.
   Your last job stint was also pretty short — about two years — because you jumped to this
   current one opportunistically. Should you jump yet again? That would mean three jobs in
   four years. How much do employers value job tenure? Does a short stint on the job (or
   more than one short job) really hurt your career?