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Updated 08/10/2017

   Let's be honest here with each other.
   For most people, they would rather
   have seven Root Canals done in a day.

   But like anything, once you have been
   through it, it becomes easier.  Once
   you move to the next stage you look
   forward to it.  Enjoy the ride.   

     7 questions that make you more likable  |  Ladders, Lily Herman                                                   03/24/2017
     To many, networking events sound as appealing as getting teeth pulled, but that
     doesn’t mean they have to be so dreadful. Instead, great networking is all about
     having questions ready that start actual conversations, not mundane small talk.
     After asking dozens of professionals their go-to networking questions, I found two
     important patterns.
        First,     the best questions are open-ended and can’t be answered with a simple
                     yes or no; think essay questions instead of multiple choice.
        Second, the key to good networking may surprise you: don’t talk just about work.

     If you’ve ever worked in London, or in Europe, you’ll be familiar with the belief that
represent more than their job titles and salaries.
     Get to know the person in front of you. 

     10 Business Networking Basics  |  LinkedIn, Edwin Dearborm                                                                  04/01/2017
     To succeed in business networking you cannot be egocentric, aggressive, or
     too eager to hand out your cards to everyone in the room.
     Those who succeed with business networking show a sincere interest in those
     that they contact and engage with. They work hard to develop a genuine relationship,
     establish their credibility, and to share valuable insight and information.
     Here are ten key basics, tips, and techniques to make you networking more enjoyable
     and effective.

     20 Tips for Successful Networking  |  LinkedIn, Richard A. Moran                                                         02/07/2017
     Get out there in traffic! Networking is the key to a successful career! Go to industry
     events! Never miss an opportunity for a coffee or lunch where a connection might be
     made! Networking is now an official part of any meeting agenda. Events are advertised
     (and priced) based on networking opportunities. A network is the new currency.
Sure, networking is important and highly encouraged but a network has not replaced
     skills or experience. A focus on developing a strong set of skills in places that matter
     might be more important than a network. But a network never hurt, so the next time
     you are invited to an event, consider these tips:

     I'm Networking Like Crazy -- But I Still Don't Have A Job  |  Forbes, Liz Ryan                  05/01/2017
     A lot of people have the wrong idea about job search networking. They think that
     if they meet with enough people, someone will say "I know a guy who wants to hire
     you!" The problem is that networking doesn't work that way.
     Networking isn't a transaction, or a series of transactions. You have to build real
     relationships with people over time to make your networking effective. The ironic
     thing is that people who network for the fun of it and/or to help other people get
     incredible benefits from it.

     This is an entry point into their Blog on networking.  Dig to your heart's content.

     What Leaders Never Do In Networking Intros  [Video & Text] |  Forbes, Avery Blank                     10/20/2016
     Networking can be challenging. You may not know what to say to strangers, including
     how to introduce yourself. To others, this can come across as being timid or that you
     are unsure of yourself. Do you want to demonstrate your confidence and leadership
     and introduce yourself like a boss? Do not do these three things when networking:

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