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205 What Do You Want

If you don't know where you are going, any road will get you there. - Lewis Carroll

   To be successful you need a plan.
   A plan maps out your objectives,
   your constraints, your needs and the
   path you believe can achieve all of
   the above.

   This often is the first point of failure
   in most job searches transforming a
   Job Search into a "bumper car ride".

     Are your Job Search Activities consistent with your Resume?
       It frightening to talk to some and hear their objectives for employment and see a Resume that
       is inconsistent with their career or employment objectives. This leaves the Job Seeker at odds
       with themselves and creates confusion with Recruiters and Interviewers trying to guess which
       is their real objective.

       Recruiters and Interviewers are flooded with people seeking a job and while you look good on
       paper, your messaging to them through your Resume, e-mails, phone calls, etc. are going in
       different directions.

     1.  Do not mix messages in your Resume.
            What you put on your Resume needs to be focused on the position you seek.  While doing
            charitable work says great things, there are people who will become confused believing
            you want a non-profit position. Keep your message focused on one and only one thing,
            hope you get the job and remember to keep future messages to these individuals as a
            simple communication.

     2.  Message of Multiple Skills and Talents ... Targeting.
            This is frustrating to many but today having multiple skills can be a detriment to your
            opportunities. Some Recruiters and companies have visions of people who start in one
            career and live in that domain until retirement. Having a diverse background in various
            and complementary skills and experiences areas can be a negative on your being selected.

            A person dying of thirst will be unwilling to read through your ability to deliver various
            flavored bottles of water to them. Focus on their need, focus on your core skills in that
            area and move forward. Use the interview to bring out the incremental value-add you 
            bring PROVIDED those areas have been touched on during the interview. You may not be
            with a group that values your strong background.

     3.  Job Boards are Powerful if you like Long Shot Bets.
            Job boards typically yield in the low single digit chances of landing an interview.  You
            should use Job Boards as one of your tools to land an interview and be offered a position.
            Your potential for success resides not with a Job Board, not with the Resume Scanning
            Computer but with a living, breathing person.

            Use the many tools such as Google, LinkedIn and others to find people within that company,
            ideally within the functional area your skills support.  Send a simple short e-mail seeking a
            5-minute conversation within the next 5 working days regarding your interest and skills
            pertaining to the position. Yes, there are people who will say no automatically but you are
            generally more productive with this personal approach than banging on job boards in a
            mad dash to find someone who will hire you.

     4.  Seeking the Sure Fire Job Hunt Road is a Journey of Disappointment
          There are times being told "NO" is refreshing as at least you got an answer from someone.
             Following up on e-mails, calls, and other communications methods is an awkward dance
             with someone you may never know or even see. How often can you reach out to this person
             before they block my e-mails or shred my letters? Will my voice messages be deleted without
             being listened to?

             LinkedIn is still your "ace" card to finding the people you need to your job search. But also
             understand not everyone is a close personal friend of the people you need to connect with.
             You will need to build a network within the company to reach the right people at the right
             level. No, this is not done easily or quickly but persistence and determination are what win
             the war thus many of your potential competitors will avoid this route at all cost. They will
             be unwilling to invest the time and effort.

             Offer a connection to those who are in a position that could help you and follow them, offer
             genuine positive feedback on items they post. See what LinkedIn Groups they participate in
             and join those as a basis for sharing information and learning what they find of value in
             their career which likely will align with your interests and career focus.