Updated 08//09/2017
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   STEP 1:  If you are not a member of LinkedIn yet, why
                are you not one?  Stop this and join LinkedIn!
   STEP 2:  Build a robust Profile on LinkedIn. Showcase
                your strengths. Steal good ideas you see from
                other Members ... it is legal and helps you out.
   STEP 3:  LinkedIn is an ACTIVE not a PASSIVE tool. Use
                it daily to be seen and share good information.
                Local news and weather reports do not qualify.
   STEP 4:  Look for people, especially Managers and above
                who could help your job search.     

   You can may money to Microsoft who owns LinkedIn if you want Premium features.
   Or you can get creative and get great functionality from using the free LinkedIn.

   LinkedIn is a global networking tool for professionals to share ideas, connect with
   people like themselves, participate in Groups aligned with specific areas of interest
   and do other "social" type things