Jobseeker Ethics

Updated 05/01/2017

  Building a business relationship on trust and
  demonstrated abilities is critical for a fruitful
  relationship with any Recruiter.  Attempts to
  oversell your abilities will be seen through in
  very little time.  Being capable of promoting
  yourself is important but "keep it real" folks!

  Recruiters find "Superman" and "Wonder Woman"
  every month and probably wish at least two of
  had been sick that day.  These may be good
  honest folks in the picture but don't interview
  like this!

  And only business attire for the interviews folks!

  1. Recruiters see all types and know lots of people by the nature of their business.
    Do not over-represent your abilities or experience as these are verifiable facts.

  2. Many recruiters have worked in the industries they sell to.  Trying to "huff" your background in an industry they know will make you as a low opportunity person.

  3. Promoting your advanced or any degree can help your opportunities unless the
    Recruiters calls the school and finds they have no record of you even as a former employee.

  4. Calling your References and finding either no one knows you, has anything good to say about you or worse is never good.  Always confirm people will serve as a reference and help refresh their memories about great things you did.  This makes their role easier and helps minimize your risk of looking bad.

  5. You represent yourself as being a Chef at the Peabody for years and winning awards yet no one seems to remember you being in their Kitchen.