Their Bad Habits

Updated 05/05/2017

   The good news is there are good Recruiters.
   The bad news is trying to find one who will
   really work for you.

   The process is the problem in how they are paid
   and how they get the "booking credit" for putting
   someone into a job.  You are just one option.

    7 Ground Rules for Dealing With Recruiters
       |  US News & World Report, Arnie Fertig                                                                                                                               10/02/2012
    Headhunters, or recruiters, are all about finding top-tiered talent to fill permanent,
    full-time positions for their client companies. Those who do well in this challenging
    role understand that to succeed over the long term they must continually expand their
    network and build a reputation of dealing with both clients and candidates with integrity.
    And, like anyone else, they have a propensity to want to go out of their way to help the
    people who help them the most.

    8 Signs You're Dealing with a Bad Recruiter
       |  Linkedin, Joshua Jackson, Co-Founder of Azppudo                                                                                                           08/18/2015
Let's be totally frank: the recruitment industry has a certain reputation, and it’s far from
   good. Just go to Google and see for yourself:

     Certainly, there's no shortage of professional recruiters out there, most of whom do an
     outstanding job.  
The problem is the cowboy operators – they take advantage of the ease
     of getting into this business and then think they know it all, and they end up making a mess
     of everything. No morals, whatsoever.

     10 Things Only Bad Recruiters Say  |  Forbes, Liz Ryan                                                                        06/04/2017
     Imagine a job that anyone can get just by saying "This is my new job."
That's how recruiting jobs work.
You could become a recruiter right now by calling yourself a recruiter and reaching out to
     a bunch of strangers to get their resumes.
     Then you could take those resumes and pass them around to employers to see if any of the
     employers want to interview one of your candidates.
     Easy peasy!

    How To Deal With Recruiters Who Don't Call Back 
 |  Forbes, Liz Ryan                                                                                                                                                                04/29/2017
    That is painful learning! However, the lesson had a purpose. Now you know that you
    have to be choosy in deciding which recruiters to work with and which to leave alone.
    Do not send your resume right away just because a recruiter asks for it.
    An unscrupulous recruiter could send your resume all over town and that is not good for you.

    Top 3 Tips for Working with Recruiters... from a Recruiter!
       |  UndercoverRecruiter
I have been recruitment consultant for the last 10 years and absolutely love my job. I’m
    aware that recruiters don’t always provoke happy thoughts in the minds of job seekers and
    clients alike and that is maybe a blog post for another time, but for now I want to give some
    tips for getting the most out of your recruiter relationships.