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225 Relocation

  Moving to a new job can be exciting
  right up to them arriving. Reality then
  sits in and you realize you are going
  have losses to damage, maybe theft,
  potential delays, people who track
  road tar on your carpet, nothing you
  have matched the colors in the new
  Residence.  3 moves is approximately
  the equivalent of a fire in hour home. 

   Even the seasoned veterans of relocations do not like relocating.
  1.    Under Federal Law limits the liability of interstate movers which means when
       your irreplaceable China is broken, you may get a dollar per item.
  2.    You MUST check off all items going onto the truck to know nothing was left
       in the house and this serves as proof of what went on the truck.
  3.    You MUST check off all items leaving the truck as you may find not all of the
       boxes made it to the new location on a "non-stop" drive.
  4.    Inspect every box and item for scratches, scrapes, dings, punctures, knife cuts,
       and all other damage -  name note of each, approximate original value, age,
       and replacement cost. Take photos of all damage and include the numbered
       ticket that was on that item for tracking.
  5.    The movers rarely arrive on time for packing, pick-up or delivery or unpacking.
  6.    The Van Line driver has cash to hire people to unload and unpack your items.
       Have they ever done this before?  Maybe, maybe not.
  7.    Keep notes on all communications to the Van Line operator and Mover. You may
       need to establish when claims were filed and how long it has taken to do nothing.
  8.    Do not have the unpackers unpack boxes. Small items may vanish if they did not
       already vanish during packing.
  9.    It is not possible to have the packers or unpackers all in one room where they
       can be watched.
  Have you compared the city you are leaving versus the city you are moving to?

  There are tools on the Internet to do comparisons for Cost of Living, Taxes, Cost of a
  House or Apartments, Sales Taxes, Income Taxes (only 4 states do NOT have an income
  tax), differences in utility costs (your electric will be going up for most locations), and
  insurance for house, car and other items.

  Then there are comparisons of the Schools which may drive what area you want to buy
  into if you have children.

  Then there is the issue of what will your commute look like and how crazy is the drive.
  Consider where the growth is and if that freeway will become obsolete quickly with all
  the additional traffic from growth.

  Financing a new home will be a challenge as you have no local records or opened any
  bank accounts. Expect many delays, mistakes in paperwork, miscommunicated times
  to review the papers, questions about the $5.00 check that bounced in 1973.