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400 Becoming Visible

Updated 06/28/2017
   To network you have to meet people which means you
   must "press the flesh" with new and existing networking
   contacts to build meaningful and productive relationships.
   This does not mean buying coffee at Starbuck's; they know
   your looking for work and McDonald's has good coffee, it's    far less expensive and finding a booth isn't impossible. 

   400 Becoming Visible               This is about seeing and being seen. Getting out of the trap called
                                                   your home and becoming known, trusted, view as a good person.
                                                   It is about finding those who will offer their assistance and network
                                                   once they understand you and what you are seeking.

   401 1st Impressions                 What people see in the first few seconds will leave a long-term impression.

   405 Job Search Mistakes           Avoid these problems as they will be costly and painful to fix later.

   410 Intelligence                        

   450 Listening                           Your voice will reveal things about you.

   460 Communicating                 


   470  Connecting                       

   471  Finding Contacts

   473  Contact Contacts

   475  Meeting Contacts

   477  Monitor Contacts             Track your contacts and connections they provide. Everyone has a limited
                                                   amount of time. Find those who are really helping you and those who are
                                                   better at wishing you good luck. Value those who help you make those
                                                   critical connections and consider demoting or dropping others. They are
                                                   your Sales Team to help get into see people and sell the product "YOU".

           Becoming Visible              

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