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Job Boards

Updated 00/00/2017

  You want options, you got 'em!
   Job Boards have served many well for
   around twenty years, and were at one
   point, the best place to look for work.
   Technology and criminal activity have
   created unwanted problems for both the
   operators and job seekers.
   Which one will you select to find a job?
   Which ones will be around next year?

   Job boards opened great opportunities to employers through the ability to mass market positions using
   one source sometimes with an option of services available to the employer. Then human nature got into
   the way and everyone jumped on the Job Board bus.

   Job boards (and any other submission process) can be effective IF you have networked into the company
   and built interest with Human Resources and ideally with the Hiring Manager. Remember we are dealing
   with Federal Laws so the process of Human Resources must be followed in that you MUST submit your
   resume through their defined processes. This does not mean you can only send one Resume or that you
   can not send Resumes to people you know or connect with. It is all about being visible and salesmanship.
   There is a place in the world for legitimate self-promotion.

   Be aware that anything submitted via a Job Board will likely be scanned by computers to screen you out.
   This is why making connections inside the company and ideally, the hiring manager or their management
   is essential. Build the interest through the correct management channel and Human Resources will be
   requested to call you in for an interview.

  There are job boards that involve subscription fees. This is a personal decision for you to make. This can
  also be the signal that job boards, as a lucrative or even maintainable business, are fading and incremental
  revenues are needed to sustain the business. Creating an image of exclusivity is often the selling point used
  but rarely is any validation of their claim(s) found. As with any potential "industry shake out", some will be
  survivors and others will simply cease operations.

   Visit Job Board Info for observations and notes on various Job Board Operators.
  Some are WINNERS, some are "also ran's", some may never have had the means to be competitive.
  Our goal is to regain employment with a good employer.

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