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Job Board Info

Updated 01/19/2017

  Job Boards came to life in the late 1990's with
  the spread of the Internet and received a big
  boost when the economy declined in the "Y2K
  Bust" eliminating over 1,500,000 Information
  Technology jobs in the United States alone
  (ComputerWorld statistic).  
Today many job
  boards might be seen as "Johnny Come
  Lately's" trying to gain popularity in what is
  already a very crowded market space.

In reviewing the list you are initially impressed by the number of providers; this is common when the economy gets soft. As shown below, many of these are questionable whether their product is worthy of use and some ceased operations. There are "time
proven providers" shown who have survived the employment "boom to bust to boom" cycles.

When using a job board, try to confirm the position exists on the company website.  If you do not know this company, work to validate the company itself is legitimate as it is very inexpensive to create a website for a non-existent company then take it down and rename, change text and images for a new website for the same questionable purpose.

Job Boards are good to find a position IF YOU CAN FIND A GOOD JOB BOARD.  A good way is to network with your targeted companies, build relationships through LinkedIn and other means leading to face-to-face meetings, and get their help in spotting opportunities which MAY not even be posted.  Not all jobs are posted.  See the section on Networking for more details.

A job board is not an employer.  Do not provide information to a job board that an employer cannot legally ask you.  The most basic of items you DO NOT WANT TO GIVE
  -  your Age or Date or Birth
  -  your birth Country or Place of Origin
  -  your native Language
  -  your disabilities or constraints in working
  -  your ethnic background
  -  your dates of any graduation
  -  ALWAYS review their POLICIES and TERMS AND CONDITIONS that likely grants
      them the right to reveal any and all information collected from you in any form to
      others including recruiters and employers. Often these "others" are grouped into a
      category of "Associates" or "Affiliates" without definition.   Many people FAIL TO
      READ these legal 
agreements and later regret electronically or physically signing
      these documents.  
In such an agreement this information may be made available to
marketing companies, advertising companies, and any other group willing to pay for
      youe information.
  -  While it is not known to have happened, such sites can request and receive great
      information from a job seeker needing work.  You may find their Policies and/or
      TERMS AND CONDITIONS may NOT prevent them from using your data in a means
      and manner that THEY see fit.  Holding personal data without any legal limitations
      isor constraints a value of item that can be resold many times.

Their strength:      They pull job postings from multiple locations across many
                             geographic areas which is good for those considering or needing to
                             leave Memphis due to the economy and limited good jobs.

                             This is also potentially the strongest reason not to pay "upstart" job
                             boards for membership or use fees.  If they are basically replicating
                             jobs from other boards that are free, and all of these will e-mail you
                             their listings daily or weekly, why pay to see duplicates of something
                             you can view for free?  Articles have suggested the era of job boards
                             and recruiters will start phasing out in 2018 due to multiple channels
                             job seekers have via the Internet today.  Pay for value, invest for the
                             growth of assets, but you can get a bill from anyone these days.

Their weakness:    1.  The jobs shown are often extracted from scans of company and
                                  other job boards.  Consolidation is nice but it has a high price.
                                  Some, possibly many, do NOT REFRESH THEIR DATA DAILY.  As a
                                  The result, jobs that were "closed out" (no longer accepting
                                  resumes for that position) are not only still shown as "open" but
                                  some boards label them as "NEW POSTING" which is inaccurate.
                                  It is possible these actions are to retain viewership versus giving a
                                  factual representation of the marketplace they are listing jobs
                                  from which consumes your valuable time.  Not everyone does this
                                  but consider dropping such job boards who you find doing this.

                             2.  Job boards are a distant second from using networking as your #1
                                  means of job searching.  As we advocate, networking not only can
                                  identify positions open, but also positions being created but not
                                  posted yet -plus- provide you one or more contacts into that
                                  company to help your job search.  Being one of the hundreds of 
                                  job applicants is far less valuable than building relationships 
                                  within a company, to build an internal support group and to
                                  potentially talk to the hiring managers before or after the job is

                             3.  While we all have done this in desperation, frustration or fear, not
                                  creating or following your game plan for your job search often will
                                  cost you productive time and potentially delay you finding a job of
                                  your dreams and for your passions that you could excel at.  Few
                                  have the strength to continue their search when accepting a
                                  "substitute" job while still seeking their dream position.  There
                                  times when you are forced into these situations but always
                                  remember you build your job search plan for your success and
                                  long-term happiness.  Those are the things you should focus on.

4.  Little differentiation or "value add" between them.  Few if any have
                                  something that makes them stand out from a very crowded field
                                  to create allegiance with their viewing customers. 

                             5.  Job boards are not free to the companies which add cost to hires.
                                  Reports that companies will use job boards to post speculative
                                  positions to assess what the resources are in a given area to help
                                  assess local resource availability and costs plus additional people
                                  that would be required plus their costs to submit a bid.  There is
                                  no known assurance that positions are or will be real positions.

6.  Job boards have been used by unethical individuals or groups to
                                  solicit personal and potentially confidential information to be used
                                  for purposes other than considering the respondent for hire.

                             7.  Because they pull from a variety of sources, there often is a high
                                  the level of job posting replication and the problem that not all
                                  jobs shown are "fresh" as some may have been filled or withdrawn.

The Traditional     Websites that have been around for many years include:
Dice.com                - Focus is IT and technology

Member Evals:       This section will be for and seeks feedback from The CT Groups
                             members on the various job boards they use both PRO and CON to
                             help each member to decide what offerings appeal to them the most
                             and the least.


1and1.com                                       Rating: FAILED
        PROS:  - They list multiple services they can provide.

        CONS: - Job listings is not part of their offering.  

About.com                                       Rating: FAILED
        PROS:  - They have a wide range of services they can offer.

        CONS: - Helping you find a job or listing jobs?  Apparently not their thing now.

Best-Home-Jobs.net                       Rating: FAILED
        PROS:  - 

        CONS: - When you list a grouping of Home Based Jobs and 50% of the listings
                      encourages you to join the United States Air Force?
 Generally local
                      Zoning laws will prohibit parking an F-35 Fighter on your property.
                      Then there is the issue of starting the engine early in the morning.
                      But it is cool watching a vertical take-off and landing!  Give kids rides!

BEYOND.com                                  Rating: Poor     
        PROS:  - They like to e-mail you; can be good or bad.

        CONS: -  Listing only provides Title, Company and City/State
                      No "snapshot": must open position to gain insight on the objective.

                   - Use of their keywords to filter jobs is "sloppy" to not very effective.
                      In a "spot check", one of the keywords used was the level the successful
                      candidate would report to.  Hopefully just a lax data entry problem.

                   - Searches come back for positions totally unrelated to the keywords
provided despite rechecking the keywords you established earlier.

CareerAlerts.com                            Rating: Poor   
        PROS:  - e-mail on matches found for your specified position.

        CONS: - 
Have found their links do not always work.

CareerBuilder.com                          Rating: Not Yet
        PROS:  - 

        CONS: - 

        CareerBuilder.com is a long established company with a good history.

Dice.com                                        Rating: Not Yet
        PROS:  -

        CONS: -

        Dice.com is a long established company in the technology job postings area.

EmploymentPost.com                      Rating: Weak   
        PROS:  - 

        CONS: -   Search appears to use each word you provide as an independant key.
                        As such, if you enter Project Manager you will receive listing for jobs
                        that only use the word Project, or only use Manager or use both words.
                        The result is many postings but of low to now value to you.

GetITProjectManagerJobs.com        Rating: Weak            
        PROS:  - 

        CONS: -  First job posting; Home Franchise Services and others that have nothing
o do with keywords for roles.

Listings in single column format; repeated from other job listings from
                       other groups.

GetMeJobs.com                                Rating: NO GO          
        PROS:  - e-mail link to job by industry and quantity of jobs

CONS: - After great effort, only one of the many links worked.

The working link offered nothing

Save on your Internet & Electric Bill - Forget this site!

When it did finally work, listings were same as others.

GlassDoor.com                                Rating: Positive 
         PROS: - Clean but limited display on the e-mail listings.

                   - Allow you from the mailing to change your keywords, search city/state
                      and/or frequency of delivery to you.

                   - Has feedback from employees on Salary Information and interview
                      questions grouped by job title.  Contains employee notes on their likes
                      and dislikes of the company (often company culture matters).  Take notes
                      with care as those with a grudge or those wanting to "spin" the company
                      can post these entries.

                   - Provides a "Star" rating for positions but have yet to see what the rating is
                      based on or the scale used.

        CONS: -

FreshJobs.net                                   Rating: X       

        PROS:  -
        CONS: - Search tool looks at each word in the provided key and not the string
                      resulting in returned hits that have no 
relationship to the position being
                      sought wasting your 

                       - Appears to pull from multiple sites but with a search tool that is not
                      effective, this value quickly diminishes.

                   - First questions are your sex and age group ...


Hireable.com                                   Rating: Weak  
        PROS:  -

        CONS: -  Provide keywords but uses keywords independently (Boolean OR)

                   -  P
rovides lots of listing but not relevant to your search

Links not always selectable even in browser mode

InDeed.com                                    Rating:  Not yet
        PROS:   -

        CONS:  -

iHireTechnology.com                      Rating: FAILED  
PROS:    -

CONS:   - "Pay to Play"  You can see the first few lines of the job listings but you
               must pay to see the details.  Their webpage, promoting their strengths
               and reason to pay for access to their sites includes the statement:
With more than 0 million jobs from 12,000+ sources – including
                     the big job boards as well as corporate websites, online classifieds,
                     specialty publications, and hard-to-find places – iHireTechnology
                     has all bases covered.
(found 04/29/2017 9:24 AM CDT)

               0 million jobs is not impressive at all; zero is still zero.  So much for
               showing attention to detail.

               Leverage the shown company information and 
job title to bypass them.
               Some postings on their site are NOT listed on 
the employers site raising
               questions about obsolete postings.  Some of 
the companies involved do
               not respond to e-mails or phone calls.  No 
known statements on the
               "uniqueness" of their postings (e.g., you will 
not find these on the "free
               boards" or they are exclusive listings.)
               Time is precious - do a Google search for the job using shown info.

Info.com                                         Rating: Weak  
        PROS:    -
        CONS:   - Looks like a slightly modified report from TekSystems.com

Info.Dogpile.com                            Rating: FAILED
        PROS:    - Notice on the website indicates the site may be available for sale.

        CONS:   - Notice on the website indicates the site may be available for sale.
                        Be careful where you step!

ItsMyCareer.com                            Rating: FAILED
        PROS:    - 

        CONS:   - Site appears to use keywords and should ANY of those appear in any
                       form it will display that job.  This produces higher numbers of job
                       displayed but may produce nothing of value to the user of this site.

Jobs2Careers.com                          Rating: FAILED             
        PROS:    - Not much

        CONS:   - Few postings were "on target" with the search criteria.  From looking
                        at the results it appears they have listings similar to other boards if
                        not the same listings.

JobsBucket.com                             Rating: Weak   
        PROS:    -  Jobs are in sections:
"Fresh Jobs", "Still Active", and "Recently Reviewed"

                     -  Jobs are rated:
                         "Possible Match", "Good Match" or "Excellent Match"

        CONS:   -  The ratings are not reliable.
System VERY keyword driven to a fault; get specific or you get a wide
Rating appears to be tied to your keyword only.

                     -  Many postings repeated from other sources.

                     -  The keywords appear to be used independently of each.
                         This seems to trigger irrelevant postings costing the job seeker time
                         disappointment and frustration. 

Apparently slow to update their information.
                         Received posting in the morning, checked it in the morning and the
job was there, but nothing new for that job title.

us.JobRapido.com                          Rating: Weak       
         PROS:   -

         CONS:  -  Give it a specific job title and it gives you far more than that.  Maybe
                        another scrape anything it can find whether any keyword matches
                        what you requested.  Maybe an off-shore operation.

JobsEye.com                                  Rating: Weak       
         PROS:   -

         CONS:  -  
Seems to scrape anything with any of the keywords you enter.
                        Enter IT Project Manager and get hits for Project Manager - Own Your
                        own Pizza Joint.

Jobtomic.com                                Rating: Fair
        PROS:  - The did produce more job listings but not all of them were in the target
                      search words but it did list jobs not seen before potentially of interest
                      if you're really needing to be employed quickly

        CONS: - Still the problem of not producing jobs aligned with the keywords given.
                     The saving grace here is the broader diversity of jobs not seen before
                     even if they are not aligned with they search keywords entered.

Jobs2Careers.com                         Rating: FAILED
        PROS:  -

        CONS: -  Pop-up offered to provide daily reports on one well-defined job.  First
                      e-mail from this request was not even close to the defined job.
                      Don't let them waste your time.

JobsEye.com                                  Rating: Weak  
        PROS:  - Basic table approach with "View" button to far right of page.

        CONS: - Nothing really special here on their main page of listings.

                  - See "NEW" jobs listed that are not found on the employer's website raising
                     questions of old data being 
relisted as new.  Hope this is not the case.

Jobspeaker.com                             Rating: Fair
        PROS:  - Attractive format but sacrifices speed to plow through opportunities

        CONS: - Other sites can provide more time efficient results for a job search

Job-Street.com                              Rating: Weak   
        PROS:  - You give it a job title and receive many opportunities in totally unrelated
                      industries and positions.
        CONS: - Set listing for local area but had nothing to my skills or experience.
                      Waste of an e-mail and my time.

LinkedIn.com                                Rating: Strong  
       PROS:  - World's largest network of professionals and growing fast

                  - Well established business with Recruiter LinkedIn tools

                  - Often 1st choice tool to find candidates by Recruiters

Jobs are posted on LinkedIn; good tool to find contacts in LinkedIn

You do not have to pay LinkedIn anything

       CONS: - Encourages member to Up-scale to PREMIUM which may not be justifiable
                    for the benefits received by that individual.
  If you are a Director or possible
                    future Director, it may be worth the investment.

Looksmart.com                            Rating: POOR
       PROS:  - Can be a good tool to find relevant sites to your search criteria

       CONS: - It starts with things you can buy/order.  Could be a good research point
                     but so it Google and Bing and ...

Monster.com                                Rating: Good  
       PROS:  - One of the big original job boards on the Internet.

       CONS: - High costs to advertise may have driven some away.

                  - Past reports of bogus positions posted to obtain personal information from
                     job seekers.

                  - Individual e-mails highlighting positions may have little to no relevance to
                     jobs being sought or are lesser positions.

                    Being one of the leaders in web-based job boards, Monster has had ample
                    opportunities to be the targets of the bad guys yet has continued to
                    survive and stay "above board".

MyJobHelper.com                         Rating: Weak  
       PROS:  - 

       CONS: - Provides a listing by each job indicating your match to that job.
                     very job showed Excellent; very few were close - most irrelevant listings.
                     First two entries were advertisements.  How many Uber and Lyft job listings
                     does a person need to see anyway?  They changed their format to list the
                     company names with postings. This is perhaps a negative change in that
                     companies recruit for multiple positions, not just a few. This forces the job
                     seeker to filter through any possible companies with postings they could
                     apply for.  NOT FRIENDLY TO THE JOB SEEKERS.

Post.Job-Street.com                     Rating: FAILED 
       PROS:  - 

       CONS: - 
You give it a job title and receive many opportunities in totally unrelated
                     industries and positions.

PostJobFree.com                          Rating: FAILED  
       PROS:  - 

       CONS: - Jobs returned frequently failed to contain the keywords provided causing
                    the Job Seeker to waste time diving through the material of low or no value.

SearchFindHired.com                   Rating: FAILED 
      PROS:  - Give it a keyword and it pulls EVERYTHING
      CONS: - It gives everything even close to their "Kitchen sink".  You can provide a city
                    and it will do a search in the surrounding area often further than most
                    people are interested in.  When in a job search you should NOT have to
                    filter through dozens of job listings to find something they don't have.  Be
                    honest ... if nothing in your inventory of job postings is a match for the
                    search keys entered, SAY SO and don't send us jobs that do not match!

Search.TheJobHQ.com                 Rating: GONE
      PROS:  - It is no longer in existence

      CONS: - 

VirtualVocations.com                  Rating: Weak     
      PROS:  - Focus on "work at home" opportunities

      CONS: - Free version is stripped down of their actual database.
                    Paid is $15.99/Month, $39.99/3 Mo, $59.99/60 Mo.
                    All Paid Subscriptions automatically renew
                    30 Day Money Back Guarantee but no clarity on 30 day

                 - Review posting closely as not all positions are virtual.  On 12/18/2016
                    a position posted on this site had the heading of virtual yet the job detail
                    required the candidate be on-site.  On-site conflicts with virtual.

ZipRecruiter.com                         Rating: Weak    
      PROS:  - Provides scale matching position to your background

                 - Uses Job Title, ZIP Code, and miles radius for search

      CONS: -  Scale needs some fine tuning; not a good 

ZMail.JobsRadar.com                   Rating: FAILED
      PROS:  - Another listing source by doing an Internet search

CONS: - Never showed anything in requested area of search

Evaluations are based on multiple factors including ease of use, quality of postings provided, whether posting was found on other sites (redundant listing), whether posting was found on the SAME site (duplicate posting), whether information was complete, if the site required membership fees to participate or not, ease of readability and organizational quality and other factors.  The CT Groups has no participation in, investments with/in or interests in the websites or their parent companies, officers, management or founders and does not receive anything from these websites or their parent companies.  Evaluations are as of the date examined and may improve or degrade over time.  It is up to the end-user to make the final determination whether one or more websites or companies meet their personal job search needs.