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Updated 00/00/2017

  • You have recruiters that will work with you and others will work you
  • There are multiple types of recruiters that will be outlined here one day
  • Most recruiters are paid only if they place you. That means lots of hungry recruiters.
    That means if you can help them, you won't hear from them.
  • There are a growing number of recruiters, on-shore and off-shore, who are
    seeking candidates. Since they provide little information there is a question
    whether these are "trustworthy" individuals or people simply tolling for information
    that can be used. In personal experience, calls have increased but the callers do not
    leave a message. e-Mails regarding positions are often only remotely aligned with
    the individual's skills.

    5 Tips for Maximizing Recruiter Relationships  |  iHireTechnology.com, Freddie Rohner
    Working with recruiters can be a great way to give your job search a boost, but there are a
    few important points to consider when seeking out the help of a recruiting firm. All
    headhunters are not created equal, so you will need to research the one(s) that can best
    help you in your job search. Don’t rest on your laurels just because you have someone
    working on your behalf – it will still be up to you to stay motivated and be on the lookout
    for employment opportunities. Make sure that you give your recruiter as much information
    as possible so that they will have a clear picture of the jobs you want, and the ones you don’t.
    Follow up with your recruiter on a regular basis to keep them informed of any interviews
    you’ve had or positions that you might be interested in. Finally, if you work with more than
    one recruiter you will maximize your opportunities.
    DISCLOSURE:  iHireTechnology.com is a "jobs board" which primarily drives revenues from
                          positions posted by Recruiters on their jobs board system. 
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