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500 Interviews

Updated 07/13/2017

   Always ask questions about who will be at
   your interview (name, title, role), duration
   for the interview(s), will it be a panel or a
   series on one-on-one or multiple-on-one
   and the general area of questions.  This is
   a way to plan and prepare for the unknown

   Below is an overview of the various tabs within Interviews.

   501 It's YOUR Business            Recruiters and Hiring Managers want lots of information that they may
                                                  not legally be allowed to ask for, they may not need but want anyway, or
                                                  they just may be snoopy. Learn where to stand your ground on the items
                                                  they are snooping for to leave you in a better negotiating position.

   502 Ageism Defense               Not everyone is on the same page regarding age and employment.
                                                  Hiring managers are under pressure for "good hires only". Age is not
                                                  generally seen as an advantage of a job candidate, yet it often is one.

                                                  When the Kid Interviewing You Says You're Tool Old ...  |  Ladders
Some articles suggest a much younger Interviewer is faced with a
                                                 psychological challenge due to the age differences.  That problem is
                                                 you are about the same age as their parents and the concern of can
                                                 they manage "their parents".  Their "safe" answer may be NO and turn
                                                 down the candidate.  Emotionally this may be a challenge, but it the
                                                 problem of the manager not the candidate who was 
qualified enough
                                                 to participate in the interviews.

   503 Interviews                  

          Different Interviews

          Body Language

          Interview Prep

          Your Voice          

          Story Telling Skills             

   510 Body Language                 Do not go into an interview without reading this first and watching the
                                                  TED Videos from Amy Cudy and Julian Treasure.  Gotta do these and
                                                  allow a few days to practice these techniques to highly impress people.

   510 Interview Types                Each type of interview has a special purpose and way they are conducted.
                                                  Learn how to play the game before you attend your interview.
                                                  Knowing the game allows you a better chance of beating all the others.

   511 Voice                                Your voice is a significant part of any interview. Watch TED Videos from
                                                   Julian Treasure and others as they are experts in voice and language.

   512 Hiring Mgr Secrets            Know what they want to know and how to respond to win at their game.

   513 Interview Prep                   Prep is the first step to Practice which makes for better Interviews.

   514 Sales Skills                        An interview is a formal Sales Call. Bring your Sales Skills into the room
                                                   to make an added impact on those attending your meeting.

   517 Linkedin Documents          Interviewing Documents

   518 Interview Questions          This is a "soup to nuts" arrange of all key areas you need to ramp up on.
                                                   Rome was not built in a day and Interview preps take even longer so give
                                                  yourself sufficient time to review, study and learn. It will pay off in the
                                                  interview and when you land your next job!

   525 Sales Materials                 What Sales Rep (or Job Applicant) would try to make a sale without having
                                                  marketing collateral with them. Get ideas for creating your own here.

   570 Flight Risks                      Employers are afraid of new hires that bolt early in their career and it
                                                  is a black mark on the hiring manager. Learn how you can help dispell
                                                  concerns the company may have about you as their chosen candidate.

   580 Thank You                       You are a fool if you fail to do this. It can make a significant difference.
                                                  Note the tips for fast free delivery and doing you best from a car seat.

   590 Not Hired                         Sometimes things just go a little crazy, sometimes there are better
                                                  candidates than you, sometimes the fix was in. Here are things you can
                                                  review to assess what may have happened and potentially improve on
                                                  how you perform at your next opportunity. Excellence requires practice.

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