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Updated 08/26/2017

    I expect this section will be the most dynamic of the many sections simply because ideas and practices
    are always changing, evolving or being phased out. It is part of life and life changes hopefully for the

  • 500 Rebounding
    Winning after Loosing a Great Job is about a "real life" experience where internal
    differences got in the way of making a good hire twice for the same candidate.
    Persistent and differentiating themselves from the competition were the keys to
    ultimately landing a good job but it did not come quickly or easily.

  • 501 It's YOUR Business
    Dealing with your Salary History and what companies you are interviewing with.
    It is YOUR Business not theirs

  • For Interviewers
    OK, here are some things Interviewers need to know and you want to know

  • 502 Ageism Defense
    Thoughts on how to take a defensive posture or a positive spin on experience
    you have.

  • 503 Interviews while Working
    Tip on how to schedule job interviews while working full-time.

  • 504 Interviews
    The main areas for Interviews content.

  • 510 Strategy
    Some subtle tricks from Forbes to help you ace your next interview

  • 511 Interview PREP
    Including Calming your Nerves

  • 512 Hiring Manager's Secrets
    Things hiring managers keep to themselves but can help you land the job

  • 514 Sales Skills
    Sales skills you need whether you are looking for a Sales job or not

  • 516 LinkedIn Docs
    LinkedIn documents that may bring you added value

  • 517 Buzzwords
    Buzzwords were once hip now they are out of fashion - avoid them

  • 518 Interview Questions
    Interview questions from many different sources

  • 519 Interview Mistakes
    People make mistakes everywhere ... here are ones from interviews

  • 525 Sales Materials
    Always have your Sales Materials with you at every interview plus copies

  • 570 Flight Risks
    Concerns employers have about a new hired person suddenly leaving

  • 580 Thank you
    Never fail to thank everyone with a personalized card and key things about you to help them make the right decisions for all of you

  • 581 Don't Take Job
    Some "red flags" on reasons NOT TO ACCEPT a job you were offered

  • 590 Not Hired
    You didn't get the offer ... analysis for what happened

  • 595 Interviewers
    Some insights into what your Interviewers are thinking

  • Cancellations
    Dealing with interview cancellations
    May be moved up later under 01 Interview Types in the Cancelled Grouping

  • Situational Awareness

    Please note this section and all of TheCTGroups.org site will be
    undergoing updates and revisions simply as better information
    becomes available and older information is "retired". When it
    becomes stagnate either I'm dead or the world quit evolving or
    something else happened along the way.