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Updated 07/07/2017

   There is information a company needs to know
   to consider you a candidate and there is great
   amounts of information they would LIKE TO

   Here are articles on people who went too far.

     How to Deal with Awkward
     Questions About Your Salary History
 |  Women@Forbes, Alexandra Dickinson                                  07/13/2017
      It’s one of the most commonly dreaded interview questions : “What are you making now?”
Or, “Tell me about your salary history.” Sometimes, “I’d love to move you on to the next
      round, but I can’t do that until I know what your current salary is.”
      Recruiters start asking early and often. I was once asked to share my current salary with
      a recruiter at a job fair, which I thought was a pretty bold move. When I said I wasn’t ready
      to share that information at such an early stage, I was met with serious pushback:
      “Everyone shares it,” she told me. “I don’t understand why you’d have a problem with this.”

     I Should Never Have Told The Recruiter
     Which Companies I'm Interviewing With  |  Forbes, Liz Ryan                                                           07/06/2017
      A lot of job-seekers make the same mistake you did. They think it will help them to tell
      a recruiter "I'm talking to lots of great companies!" They even name the companies, the
      same way you did.
      They forget that once they spill the beans about the firms they're interviewing with, the
      recruiter's natural follow-on question will be "How's it going with your conversation with
      Apple? How about Microsoft? How about Google?"
Now the recruiter knows your whole job-search story. That's not good for you.   

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