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01 Interview Means

Updated 08/22/2017
  1. 1.
    a meeting of people face to face, especially for consultation.
  1. 1.
    hold an interview with (someone).
    "he arrived to be interviewed by a local TV station about the level of unemployment"
    synonyms:talk to, have a discussion with, have a dialogue with; 
    questioninterrogatecross-examine, meet with; 
    pollcanvasssurvey, sound out; 
    "we interviewed seventy subjects for the survey"

   The above definition is OUT DATED due to technology.
   1)  The telephone is the most common initial interview method because it is:
        a)  fast and very cost effective and often done in under 15 minutes.
             Some interviews take 5 minutes just to get people ready to start.
        b)  no rooms to reserve, no missed flights, no parking problems, etc.

   2)  Video is growing in popularity. While slightly higher in cost and potentially
        a technology issue for both parties to the interview to master, it provides the
        "face-to-face" experience mostly benefiting the employer. This may use any
        number of free or low cost video conferencing tools or in-house systems
        that provide a more robust capability including a virtual experience.
    If you use be scheduled for any of the above, you will need time to prepare and
    plan. Both approaches will allow the employer "ears" into your location, whether
    that is your home, car or other facility.

    VEHICLES:         Do not make this mistake. Someone honks a horn which now
                            distracts you and the Interview Panel which raises the question
                            whether you are a bad driver and if you need to drive in your job
                            may this represent a potential liability to the company. Or it may
                            be some impatient person, or someone honking at a pedistrian
                            or the driver of another car. Where data is limited, people will
                            generally assume the worst case situation.

                            This includes any car, taxi, bus, subway, train, hover board, etc.

    OUTDOORS:      Same potential risks as with Vehicles except you now have the
                             added unusual sounds like animal noises, bells, and others
                             that will distract the attention of your interviewers. This setting
                             may decrease the ability of each party to hear each other.

    HOTEL:             Only good place is in your room. Public areas generally do not
                             work due to the changing background noise.

    RESIDENCE:       You have more control here but are still exposed to:
                               1. Animals start making noise or wanting something.
                                   Barking dogs can destroy an interview.
                               2. Heavy vehicle noise such as delivery trucks, school buses,
                                   mail trucks, street sweepers, repair service trucks, etc.
                               3, Alternate telephone lines ringing creating a distraction.
                               4. Doorbell from delivery people including mail carriers,
                                   sales representatives, neighbors, etc.
                               5. Clocks, such as Alarm Clocks, Cockoo Clocks
                               6. Emergency services such as Police siren, Firetruck siren,
                                   testing of Emergency systems, etc.

      VIDEO:             The camera on your cell phone could be used but it is NOT
                             recommended as it leaves you at a disadvantage in multiple

                             The camera on your laptop or desktop computer can work but
                             you have have the concerns about all the junk in the room, the
                             room lighting, still have the noise challenges, and sound quality.

                             The "ultimate" is going to an office using Cisco Presence, a video
                             conferencing system that uses multiple cameras to create the
                             sense of you physically being there by projecting on a curved
                             screen nearly of room height to project multiple camera images
                             on creating the illusion. This can be somewhat distracting; 
                             forget the fact your are in a false reality and simply have the
                             conversation with the projected image on the screen.