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01 Interview Types


   here is the typical interview path most people encounter:
       1.  Screening Interview often by Telephone
       2.  If invited for an interview it most likely will be a Formal Interview conducted in-person or
            using a video-conference. Being able to watch you is important.
       3.  Possibly a Second Interview should there be a close tie between two or more candidates
            where the skills, experience and proven talent are more critical.

INTERVIEW TYPE            DESCRIPTION OF THE INTERVIEW TYPE                                                                  

Campus                         - Interviews conducted on-campus often in a College or University with a
                                        Company Human Resources Interviewer to look for candidates who are near
                                        graduation -OR- are potential candidates for an Internship.

External                         - A formal interview process involving only applicants or candidates who are
                                        NOT currently employed by this inviting company.

Focus                             - Primarily used when indepth information needs to be obtained in a critical area
                                         for skills, insight and experience are essential to the success in the role.

Formal                           - A fixed list of questions given to all candidates deemed to be qualified. The
                                         format is often face-to-face or video with. Additional questions may be asked
                                         by the interviews for clarification. An assessment of each candidate is made
                                         often by each member of the interview team.

Informational                - Future job seeker collecting information regarding their future career or potential
                                       place of employment. This can be very helpful whether you are undecided in your
                                       career interests, potential employers and just to meet with a professional in your
                                       considered career field to find out what the job is really about, what skills are
                                       critical to handy and what life is like from week-to-week. Careers can list for a
                                       lifetime so having good intelligence can make this a great opportunity for you.

Internal                         - A formal interview process involving only applicants who ARE CURRENTLY
                                        employed by their employer. This is often used for parallel or promotional
                                        movement purposes.

Panel Interview              - An interview consisting of multiple company representatives, sometimes from
                                        different departments, specializations or skill areas to make a broader
                                        assessment of a selected candidate's skills, abilities, and other attributes.

Second Interview           - Frequently used when more than one candidate is deemed highly qualified and
                                        the need to select the best is mandatory. Questions can become more complex
                                        and specific to the company operations and knowledge of the position being
                                        offered to reduce risks to the hiring manager. It is not uncommon for these to
                                        include more than one interviewer or company employees making assessments.

Special Interview           - This is a rare form of interview as it may be used to obtain incremental insight
                                        into a candidate or explore areas the company was not totally comfortable with
                                        from prior interviews or from information discovered that raises questions.

Screening Interview       - Often used to ask questions of an Applicant to verify they can respond to the
                                        key areas for the position successfully. It is NOT recommended that anyone
                                        attempt this when they are not able to dedicate their full attention to the caller
                                        and/or are in a place where they may be distracted or the caller may find they
                                        are distracted by background noise. These are often done over the telephone
                                        but could be a video conference.

Technical Interview       - While normally used for those in technical fields, this can be used to validate
                                       the knowledge of people in other areas to assess the strength of their insights,
                                       experience and knowledge for the role they are seeking.

Telephone Interview      - This is conducted over a voice only telephone generally as a Screening Interview.
                                        It could be used for other interviews but limits the company from gaining the
                                        visual component of observing your physical responses to questions.

Video Interview             - This could be any of the Interviews but conducted using video conferencing.
                                        This affords company personnel the opportunity to view you during your
                                        responses thus gaining additional insight into you.