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Updated 07/06/2017

   Informational Interviews are NOT a
   Behavioral or Job Interview but may
   lead to a Job Interview in the future.
   Commonly called an "Informational
   conversation" it affords the job seeker
   to seek advice and information for
   their benefit traditionally prior to
   making a decision of various types.
   If you can obtain one with an employer of your
   interest, it can be very beneficial and professional as
   there is no real pressure on either party and it can gain you great insight into a company you otherwise
   may never have obtained and them insight into you as a potential future employee. Use available tools to
   achieve your objectives. Understand it may be challenging to obtain an Information Interview due to the
   busy schedule people have. But if you can secure the interview with a knowledgeable person ...

   Informational interview  |  From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
   An Informational Interview (also known as an Informational conversation) is a meeting in which a potential
   job seeker seeks advice on their career, the industry, and the corporate culture of a potential future
   workplace; while an employed professional learns about the job seeker and judges their professional
   potential and fit to the corporate culture, so building their candidate pool for future hires. [1]

   In an informational interview, job seekers can be unemployed, or else employed and considering new
   options. They use the interview to gather information on the field and on specific companies where they
   might want to work. They can find employment leads, and expand their professional network. The
   employed professional from whom the potential candidate seeks advice and information also learns
   about a new potential colleague or hire and builds their own network through the conversation.
   This differs from a job interview because the conversation is not about hiring and not about a specific
   job. The potential candidate asks general questions about the nature of the company or the industry, and
   the "insider" learns about the potential candidate's professional character at the same time. The
   information interview helps overcome a problem with most discussions in a recruiting/job-seeking
   process, where each side is hesitant to talk to the other because they are uncertain about whether they
   might be wasting their time with an unqualified candidate or unsuitable workplace. In contrast, "the
   informational interview provides an [sic] non-threatening forum" for discussion as the two sides learn
   about each other.[2]

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   Everything you need to nail your informational interview  |  Glassdoor.com, Emily Moore   07/02/2017
   You may not have been on one (or even heard the term before), but an informational interview
   can be your ace in the hole during the job seeking process. At its core, an informational
   interview is a casual conversation between a job seeker and somebody who works at a company
   they're interested in designed to help them gather intel on what it's like working at the company
   and what opportunities they have available.