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Updated 07/09/2017
   Interviews may involve a one-to-one or one-to-many or
   it may involve moving to different rooms meeting more
   people or require multiple days, may be video conference.
   The common theme: prepare for anything. Your interview
   team or person may be well prepared and seasoned or it
   may be someone who is standing in for someone else.
   If you have a substitute, this is a potential red flag to you.

   There are many variations of "the interview".  This section will provide information
   and insight for a "general interview" and information that is general to the others.

   SHOULD you have a video interview, begin preparing for this WELL IN ADVANCE as
   there are many technical issues you may have to deal with yourself and factors in the
   place you life that could create unfavorable perceptions or distractions that will need
   time, planning and coordination to support.  See the section on Video Conferences.  

    My Top Interview Tips  |  Linkedin, James Caan CBE                                                                                          06/21/2017
    "James, how can I ace my interview?" is a question I'm asked a lot. Although there's no
    magic formula, there are a few tips you can harness to ensure the job interview goes well.
    Here are my top 14 tips;