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Phone Interview

Updated 08/18/2017

  It ain't your parents interview today. 
    Technology, psychological based interview questions,
   deep probing questions, listening for possible hidden
   meaning in your answers ... what happened to asking
   what type of work you are interested in and why?

    Did you confirm what type of interview this will be and using what technology?
    Initial candidate screening calls are typically done via a telephone. With changes
   in technology and widespread use of home technology, some companies will take
   this to the next step potentially using a Video Conference in lieu of the telephone
   or present you with a computer controlled interview via your laptop recording
   your voice and face in answering their questions in a time constrained format.
   Insure you know the format so you can fully prepare for the interview planned
   or alert them you lack the technology they need. Also ask about a test connection
   to insure your technology will successfully connect and work with their system.

    Basic Phone Interview Prep Work - Gotta do things!

    Be aware of potential innocent traps:

     1.  Make certain you know the time of the interview, including TIME ZONE.
           So many companies out-of-state or even out-of-town will not state that leaving
           you potentially in a bad place. Remember, not all States or parts of a State or
           Cities or parts of a City go to Daylight Savings Time.  Ask to be certain and verify
           that with them via e-mail. If someone made an error, document where it came from.

    2.  The Early Interview
           If you are not prepared to participate in an earlier call, let them know. You do NOT
           want to be in an disadvantage of not being prepared, feeling additional anxiety or
           still have your Great Dane walking around barking or kids screaming. Bad situations
           over a telephone are amplified when the listener can only make wild guesses as to
           how your home life is on a daily basis from a few minutes of listening in.

    3.  Never Put Them On Hold
          This is covered but you do not want their minds to shift topic while you are not on
          the phone. The "dead air" also creates images as to what you are doing which never
          produce positive images for you.

    4.  If You Must Cancel, Tell Them ASAP
          Stuff happens on both sides of a meeting. If you can't make the call, have someone
          you can 100% trust to do it for you. Being honest, reliable and punctual are traits
          employers really want.

    12 Things to Never Do During Phone Interview  |  Glassdoor, Julia Malacoff                               08/16/2017
    These days, phone interviews are an unavoidable part of the job interview process, and
    for good reason: They save everyone involved time and effort. But that doesn’t mean
    that phoners require zero energy on the part of the candidate. Yes, you should spend
    more time preparing for an in-person interview, but many companies treat phone screens
    as the official first round of the hiring process. That means candidates are expected to
    go into them prepared with as much information about the company, position, and their
    own skills and strengths as possible.

    We asked HR pros about their top phone interview pet peeves, they had no shortage of
    advice to offer. Apparently, it’s quite easy to mess up your phone interview. But here’s
    the thing; it’s also not hard to come across well if you keep some key things in mind.
    Be certain you review the "pet peeves" link for items HR Pros. There are 12, they are
    simple NOT to do, and they can cost you the interview.  Sad but true.

    Types of Job and Employment Related Interviews  |  TheBalance, Alison Doyle                        07/12/2016
    There are a variety of types of interviews that employers may conduct, including
    behavioral interviews, case interviews, group interviews, phone and video interviews,
    second interviews, and even interviews held during a meal.
    Review the different types of interviews, examples of the questions you will be asked,
    along with tips on how to interview effectively regardless of the situation you're in.
    Also review information on other types of employment-related interviews including
    exit interviews, mock interviews, and informational interviews.