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Technical Interviews

Updated 06/17/2017

   BE PREPARED FOR ANYTHING (and maybe everything)
   Envision a kitchen and the Chef is at a loss on what to offer for the special.
   The solution becomes simple: get some of this, some of that, some of the other stuff,
   mix it well with something fluid, beat it up, put it in an oven, and see what comes out.  

   When you understand one or potentially multiple technical interviews are planned, start asking
   questions including:
     -  how long are the interviews expected to run?
           - should I budget additional time beyond that?

     -  how many people will be interviewing me in each session and what will their focus be?
           - you now learn how many sessions, the approximate duration, and what areas should

     -  will there be any presentation required from me?
           - if the answer is YES dive into these questions:
                -  may I bring my laptop connecting to your projection devices to save time?
                -  may I include any company logo in the presentation materials, if any?
                -  what will the areas for the presentation involved and will I be assessed?
                -  how many are expected for the presentation and from what work areas/expertise areas?

     -  will there be electrical power available for the laptop?
         Some conference rooms are constrained on electrical outlets. Worst case is they use a laptop
         connection in a projection room, they have the wrong interfaces and the room is locked.
         Showstopper problems.

     -  what interface do you use for connections: VGA, SVGA or HDMI?
         are adapters available of I am unable to use the interfaces supported?
         Not all laptops support HDMI and those that do often do not support VGA or SVGA.
         Worse they may not be wired for VGA/SVGA or HDMI. That becomes a showstopper.

     -  is there a projection screen in the room that I will be able to utilize?
         Screens are ideal, wood panel walls is a showstopper.

     -  may I set-up early for the presentation?
         Get in their early to ensure everything works as expected. You will look bad if you can't get
         your own equipment to work. Bring your presentation on a thumb drive just in case.

will I need a Security Pass to carry the laptop into, out from and around your facility without
         any delays?
         Some facilities have tight security and an unknown person carrying a piece of equipment without
         a Security Pass gets delayed in a closed room killing your interview.  Showstopper!