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    3 Lines You Tell Yourself When
    You Can't Seem To Get Any Interviews  |  Forbes, The Muse                                                              05/31/2017
     At one point during my last job search, I lost count of how many days went by without
     an interview. And as much as I wanted to say I was doing just peachy, the truth was that
     having nothing on my calendar was taking a toll on me. I get a lot of energy from being
     around people, so the fact that I had nowhere to be but the little desk in our living room
     made me feel like a complete failure.

     Six Months, 200 Applications, No Interviews: What Now?  |  Forbes, Liz Ryan                 08/23/2015
     You ask an excellent question: what gives? What gives is this: the recruiting process itself
     is broken beyond repair. You've experienced that first-hand. Two hundred applications or
     more, and no interviews? How would anyone get hired through a system like that?
     The online application systems adopted by most medium-sized and large employers
     during the nineties and the first decade of this century are the problem. They don't work.
     They screen tons of people out but almost no one into the process.
     Those automated application systems also drive talented candidates away, because a lot
     of people won't put up with their insulting forms and screens when they kno
w (as you have
     learned) that they have almost no chance of getting an interview, much less a job.
     The use of Applicant Tracking Systems is undoubtedly the worst-ever use of technology to
     solve a strictly human problem. Smart companies are getting rid of their tech-heavy
     recruiting systems and bringing a human voice and human touch back into their recruiting
     processes - and not a moment too soon!