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03 Mistakes

Updated 08/03/2017
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  You will make mistakes, the key is can you recover.  

    We’ve all had ‘em: confusing, off kilter, and often soul-crushing job interviews
    that make you want to curl up in a giant pair of sweatpants with a bottle of pinot
    noir and watch reruns of the Mindy Project for days on end.
    And forget it: the thought of going on another job interview anytime soon just
    ain’t gonna happen.
    But alas, if you want to extricate yourself from your current situation- whether
    that’s a job you really can’t stand or a job that just doesn’t do it for you anymore
    – you’re going to have to. So what are some things you can do to recover from a
    bad interview?

The CT Groups,
Aug 3, 2017, 4:14 PM