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Ace the Interview

               Your objective is to get the job;
               acing the interview is a big part.

   You may be tempted to take something before going to
   bet that night or early that morning. Having a good night's
   sleep will help but consider the potentials of having
   problems from taking any medication that you do not use
   often.  Medications to keep you awake and perky may 
   leave you an emotional and physical mess sending
   suggestions this IS THE NORMAL YOU.  Avoid this!

    Notice the section below about rookie mistakes!

    Experience and work history aren’t the only things that can set you apart from the
    competition on your job hunt. Impeccable interview skills can be the winning attribute
    that you have that others don’t. And like the saying goes, “It ain’t over ’till it’s over.” That
    means you have many opportunities to show a recruiter or hiring manager that you’re the
    perfect candidate for the job.
    Here are four signs that your interview skills are better than the rest:

    Be Likeable!
    Remember, you were given this interview because of your skills and experience. They
    see something in you and they want to learn more.  A component of your interview will not
    come from any question they will ask but from how you conduct yourself.  ARE YOU
    LIKEABLE!  Are you someone that others can work with. Are you someone who can get along
    with others, work at a team, be a team player. This gets down to personality. The company
    can teach you about their processes, their products, their computers, and on and on. But to
    teach you to be likable ... that's what you have to show.

    Ace Your Next Interview With These 4 Subtle Tricks  |  Women@Forbes, Melody Wilding      12/05/2016
    You’ve rehearsed every interview question in the book. Your suit is dry-cleaned. Your bag is
    stocked with extra pens, just in case. You seem to have all the pieces in place. Now the
    anxiety starts to build.
    How do you knock an employer’s socks off once you enter the gauntlet?

    Ten Things Outstanding Job Candidates Do Differently  |  Forbes, Liz Ryan                     07/14/2017
    I was an HR leader for a long time. I hired thousands of people, and I noticed some
    striking things about the recruiting process. 
I noticed that a small percentage of the
    job candidates stood out -- for all the right reasons. These folks didn't have better
    educational backgrounds than other candidates. They weren't better-connected than
    other people, and they didn't have fancier ex-employer brands on their resumes.
    They had something else going for them. The outstanding job candidates we met were
    well-prepared for the interview and they knew their own abilities -- and that combination
    got them the job!


    If you think these things are improving other people's opinion of you, you're dead wrong. 
    Why do people fail to make a good first impression? You might blame nerves, lack of focus,
    or shyness. But according to new science, there's a good chance there's another culprit --
    terrible tactics.  
    The problem for many people, fascinating recent research out of the Netherlands reveals,
    isn't unconscious flubs or personality limitations, it's active self-promotion strategies that
    many of us think are great ways to nudge others to think highly of us. Unfortunately, the
    evidence shows that instead they probably make you come off as a total jerk.
    So what are these tactics that backfire badly? The British Psychological Society Research
    Digest blog recently explained them in detail, but you can probably remember them with
    this handy acronym -- the 4 H's.