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Bad Signs

Updated 08/28/2017

Sometimes people get into
hurry and can't spell or
know left from right. 

But HOW do we know if
we are in trouble during
an interview? 

    How to Spot a Bad Hire, and
    I've written about hiring a lot, and that's because it's so hard. Finding candidates is hard.
    Asking the right interview questions is hard. On-boarding new hires is hard.
    Worst of all, it can suck up the majority of your time if you're not careful. We should
    spend a lot of time on hiring because it's so important, but we shouldn't waste
    unnecessary time on hiring that we could be spending on setting the hires we do make up
    for success.

    Time is the most precious asset in business. Being able to balance your time effectively is
    one of the most important jobs of any leader.