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You Cancel

Updated 08/11/2017
   If you become ill or have an emergency,
  ask to reschedule the interview.
  If they can't get their act together or
  show you no common respect, CANCEL IT!
  This is a courtship that should not be fixed!
  Recognize the warnings of a bad company.

    10 Good Reasons To Cancel A Job Interview  |  Forbes, Liz Ryan                                                    06/26/2017
    Cancel the interview!
The people at that company do not deserve to get to meet you, much less to hire you.
    The insulting question "How many overtime hours will you work for free?" tells you all
    you need to know. 
The all-caps admonition "Do Not Ramble in your Answers" is the
    icing on the cake.
Don't go to that interview — and if you get any push back from the
    nasty recruiter Paul, give him the boot as well!
    Here are ten good reasons to cancel a job interview rather than waste your time with
    people who don't deserve to shine your shoes: