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Updated 08/13/2017

   There are TWO closings you must successfully complete for a job:
      1.  At the end of the Interview to become their Candidate of Choice
      2.  At the end of Negotiations to insure you, the Candidate, are hired
           (Some companies will negotiate with the top two candidates.)
   Closing the deal is often the most challenging for those who have NOT
   been in sales before, as they know if you don't ask for it, it may not come.
   Show your interest by always moving to Close your position with them as
   the Candidate of Choice and the Candidate being hired. Those who don't
   ask are often perceived to be less interested.

   Closing in the Job Interview for a Job Offer (10:06) |  Career Confidential, Peggy McKee                  08/01/2008
   Peggy talks about the important of ASKING FOR THE JOB at the end of the Interview.
   If you don't move for the "Close", they may feel you are not interested any more!

   Closing in the job interview! (Interview Tips) (10:07)  |  CareerConfidential, Peggy McKee             08/01/2016 
   Top tips for closing in the job interview to ASK for the job.  Includes 30-60-90 Day Plan.

   Closing the Interview: Get Comfortable With Asking for the Job (0:53) 
       |  Career Confidential, Peggy McKee                                                                                                                                        08/01/2011
   How any Why to Close in the Job Interview.

   How to Interview for a Job: Ending a Job Interview Strong (1:51)  |  ExpertVillage               08/01/2008
   Last impressions count! Find out how to ask questions and seem confident in this free
   video on how to prepare for and have a great meeting.

   Interview Skills - The Closing  |  Ohio State University, Fisher College of Business                              01/17/2012
    Discussing the closing including some mock closing sessions.