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Informal Interview

Updated 08/26/2017

  An informal meeting over coffee now replaces first-round
  interviews where recruiters seek prospects for their job
  opportunities versus interviewing for a specific position?
  A Informal Interview is a new trend that may not survive
  but it gets people out of the office on company expenses.  

   This appears to be a new means of interviewing, a more casual setting, away from the chaos of the
   office and overflowing parking garage. Prepare as if you would for a formal interview allowing you to
   have all your information, materials and game plan in place. Also note the dates on these articles, as
   this suggests a new trend where the process is still being worked out with few "ground rules".

   How to Handle a Coffee Interview  |  TheBalance, Alison Doyle                                                                08/18/2017
   An informal meeting over a cup of coffee has replaced first-round interviews for some
   employers, especially those who are recruiting prospects for employment opportunities
   rather than interviewing for a specific position. 
   What's the best way to handle an invitation for coffee from a hiring manager? What
   should you wear? What do you need to bring? Who pays? What's the next step if the
   meeting goes well?
   Here's the scoop on informal interviews held at a coffee shop or restaurant.

   How to Handle an Informal Interview  |  TheBalance, Alison Doyle                                                        06/21/2017
   Just like many workplaces, job interviews are going casual. Instead of a structured, formal
   interview in a conference room, a lot of hiring managers now begin with a low-key,
   informal conversation.
   Hiring managers or recruiters may invite candidates out for a cup of coffee, for instance,
   and instead of calling it an interview, the conversation may be framed as an exploratory
   or informational session.
   These informal interviews are particularly common when hiring managers are actively
   recruiting a candidate. 

   Tips for Interviewing in a Public Place  |  TheBalance, Alison Doyle                                                      06/30/2017
   Employers sometimes schedule job interviews in a public place, like a coffee shop or
   restaurant. It could be because they are hiring for a field position and they don't have
   a local office. Or, it may be more convenient to interview candidates in a setting other
   than the office, especially if you don't want your current employees to know that you're