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Defuse Weakness

Update 08/18/2017

     5 Weaknesses to Tell Your Interviewer About  |  Business Insider, Heather R Huhman                 06/27/2013
     What is your biggest weakness? When you’re in a job interview, there is a good chance
     this question will come up at some point. Many candidates struggle with finding the
     most appropriate response.
     It’s important not to reveal weaknesses that say you can’t do the job at hand. It’s also
     important to avoid cliche answers like a strength disguised as a weakness. “I am a
     perfectionist” is not a weakness. It’s a cop-out.
     What you should do is talk about weaknesses you can spin into something positive. Tell
     your interviewer you recognize your weaknesses and what your plans are to improve
     upon them. 
Here are 5 weaknesses to choose from the next time you have a job interview:
        -  got organized
        -  meeting deadlines
        -  learned multitasking
        -  improved my efficiency
        -  knowing your limits

    Vince Ricci discusses the process and some of the questions asked by the Harvard
    Business School. You may also be asked with others (college roommate, co-worker,
    supervisor, friends, etc.). It is all about knowing yourself and if you are a leader.
    Leaders are self-aware, those who are not self-aware waste time.
    If you're into Vince, visit his page on YouTube 

    Talking About Weaknesses In a Job Interview (1:58)  |  Forbes, Kathryn Dill
    FORBES' Kathryn Dill talks tips on how to tackle one of the toughest questions
    asked during a job interview: what's your biggest weakness?